Wholeshot Detroit

A fresh batch of logo shirts just came in! this time we got t-shirts and tanks, all black just like before. twenty bucks gets you one or the other, we suggest you bring forty and get both. here are the reasons you should get here as soon as possible:

1) most of the sizes in the first batch sold out after just a couple days
2) warm weather is just around the corner and that means no more long sleeves are needed
3) the graphic was done for us by the amazing auto artist Jeff Allison!
4) you want to get rid of those long sleeves so you can show off the rad ink you got put on your arms during winter
5) the love you have for us needs to be seen by the rest of the world and this is your chance to let everyone know how you feel
6) we love beer and One Shot, t-shirt funds will help us afford more of both